Machine Learning at its best......
Predicting customer conversation outcomes and guiding them to successful completion 

If you knew the final outcome of your customer conversations at the start, what would you do differently for the next  engagement.... 
That is what Propensity-X is all about





How It Works

Propensity – X  Calculates Outcome Scores

Our Propensity-X engine listens to millions of conversations and is thereby confident that it can begin to predict on any live conversation what the potential for each possible outcome is. 

Inbound campaign responses are run through our ‘Propensity-X’ engine and scanned for intent, keywords, repeat phrases and compared to historical interactions and outcomes.  A propensity score is calculated that will determine the next step action. 

Determine Desired Campaign Outcomes 

From the first moment you start using the Webio platform , the Machine Learning starts listening to the conversations being held and monitoring the outcomes being achieved.

Next Best Actions Determined

Rules can be setup within each conversation in order to steer the conversation according to the Propensity scores being calculated.

Continuous Learning is at the Heart

Propensity-X is always learning. Each utterance in every individual customer conversation the Propensity-X engine recalculates the probability of all defined outcomes, whether that is 1 outcome or 100.



Re-engage ‘Dead’  Customer

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